Florida Vacation

Started by going to visit Matt, Marci and the kids in New Jersey where we spent a little time dyeing Easter Eggs then got on the road to Baltimore where we spent the night before going on to south of DC where we got the auto train to Florida. We left on time in fact 15 minutes early but I noticed a bad smell in our car and asked the attendant about it and then the whole car chimed in as to the horrible smell. They ended up moving us all to a different car (thank god!). We watched ANTMAN after dinner in the club car—okay movie improved by adorable Paul Rudd. We arrived in Florida the following morning about an hour or 2 late and spent another hour or so waiting for cars to be unloaded. But finally got on the road to Ormond Beach to visit Ellie and Paul Anghinetti (Ron’s professor at RIC and now spearheading Ron’s archive to be housed at RIC). We had a great time seeing them at the wonderful condo rental on the beach with a spectacular view of the ocean. They took us up to St. Augustine which was wonderful as neither of us had seen it and there is a considerable amount of history in that city. We then took off for Palm Bay to visit Ron’s childhood friend, Bobby Merrill and his wife, Janeen. We hung out with them at their lovely home spending some time on their patio in addition to walking on the beach, visiting the “McLarty Museum” (no, really) a museum with relics from the Spanish shipwreck in the 1700’s, as well as a couple of delicious homemade meals!!! On Sunday, we all drove to Sarasota to see ALL THE WAY at the Asolo Theatre, which was very well done. Afterwards we bid them goodbye and headed down to Naples, where Ron’s brother, Doug and his wife have a condo. We arrived and of course Linda had a snack for us. While in Naples we logged some serious pool time and saw the spectacular Naples Botanic Garden. We walked on the beach, went to the zoo, and enjoyed some more delicious home cooking! On the following Sunday we headed down to the Keys while driving through the Everglades (a sight to see!). We stopped to walk through a nature preserve and to see Clyde Butcher’s gallery of photographs. Had a very good lunch in Florida City before we stayed over night in Islamorada. Then we headed down to Key West. Went to Hemingway’s house, the Audubon House, the Maritime Museum as well as the little White House where Truman vacationed. Also drove around to get a gander at the charming Key West architecture. Enjoyed the pool and beach time in that lovely tropical spot. Key West isn’t like anywhere else and it was great fun to finally spend a little time there. Then returned to spend my birthday with my brother in Naples. Linda went all out to make my favorite meal. Then to Sarasota again to see Kate’s pals, Michael, who runs the Asolo and our friend, Mark who has written the book for a new musical at the Asolo. We also saw DISGRACED which was terrific. The auto train home was okay and we saw THE INTERN on it which we enjoyed. And a miracle happened with the off loading of vehicles, even though we didn’t have priority off loading we got our car within 15 minutes which was a miracle on that fully occupied train. Got upstate and finally spring has arrived! Enjoy Ron

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