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MISLAID is the story of ninety six years in the life of Peregrine Blanca, who was raised in northern New Mexico at Ojo Blanca, a desert hot springs run by two warring phrenologists. Her one time ward, Sheriff Billy Martinez becomes embroiled in a mystery when four children are

found wandering in the desert. He brings them to stay with Peregrine, who now runs Ojo Blanca, while he continues to unravel the mystery of these forsaken children. Peregrine raises them according to Voltaire’s CANDIDE, which is her bible. The children, 3 boys and a girl grow up imbued with the novel and become singular traveling performers. The

intersection these lives have upon each other creates a unique bond that lasts a lifetime. There is a mythic, magical quality that draws you deep into the New Mexican landscape as the characters take a journey of discovery that is timeless.