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The Dropper is a haunting soliloquy to the harsh and sometimes brutal world our forebears left behind in pursuit of a dream called America. It is also an ode to the often heartrending decisions they were forced to make in leaving some family members—and some part of themselves—behind. And finally, as young Shoe Horn, the novel’s protagonist, grapples blindly with sex until arriving at the maturity to recognize love, it’s also a tender coming-of-age story.
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T h e   M e m o r y   o f   R u n n i n g

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Trailer for Bill Murray's St. Vincent

Hello everyone well summer has come to an end and it went by fast!

We visited the Van Allyn house in Kinderhook which is featured in AGE OF INNOCENCE as the Patroon House. And went to a concert at OMI in Ghent. We had a nice time in NYC for a few days and even managed a visit to the Met Museum and saw the John Singer Sargent show which was spectacular.

Autumn has blown in and we had a wonderful visit from my brother Doug and his bride, Linda. We had a great time --taking them to the Innisfree Garden and to Cafe Les Baux in Millbrook for lunch. Kate made some swell food and it was warm enough to eat out on the porch. We are looking forward to a visit from Matt and his crew next weekend for pumpkin and apple picking.

Enjoy the season

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Van Allyn house in Kinderhook (featured in Age of Innocence)

Van Allyn House

Concert at OMI in Ghent

Kate & Ellie Anghinetti

Paul Anghinetti & Kate


Kate on the roof garden of the Met Museum

Our pals, Sandra and Harold Guskin


Me & Matt

Kate and I with Matt and kids

and Marci!

Ava & Henry

Henry in the shirt we bought him in Maine

Me at Mercato’s in Red Hook

  The NewsWhistle Q&A: Actor and Author Ron McLarty

From The Pop of King:
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