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The Dropper is a haunting soliloquy to the harsh and sometimes brutal world our forebears left behind in pursuit of a dream called America. It is also an ode to the often heartrending decisions they were forced to make in leaving some family members—and some part of themselves—behind. And finally, as young Shoe Horn, the novel’s protagonist, grapples blindly with sex until arriving at the maturity to recognize love, it’s also a tender coming-of-age story.
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T h e   M e m o r y   o f   R u n n i n g

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Trailer for Bill Murray's St. Vincent

Hey everyone, Well, we are back from our trip to NC shore for a family vacation. The beginning was rocky due to finding our car with a broken window the morning we had planned to leave. 5 hours later we finally got on the road but took us 10 hours to get to Richmond VA which is a 6 hour drive due to 3 accidents on I-95. Hellish doesn't cover it. Then we got up and drove to the Wilmington NC airport to pick up Eilene (Luke's wife) and their 2 kids, Elora and Logan. We then got to our rental house in Holden Beach which was great. Zach, Becca, Ava and Henry arrived about an hour later. But it took Matt, Marci, Caleb, Sarah and Molly 12 hours to get from NJ. However despite travel problems it was a great week at the beach and we all had a terrific time. (see pics below!) The only sad part was that Lucas was fighting a fire in Washington state and didn't get to join us.

After a fun filled week we headed to Raleigh NC to stay with Kate's cousin, Janet & Phil. Before that we had lunch with old friends of hers in Chapel Hill, NC, Barbara & John Chapman. It was great to meet them and I was so pleased that they had listened to all my novels on audio. Janet made a great dinner and other cousins arrived as well as Janet's sister and family. It was a swell time and we got to see the property they are building on the next morning.

Then we stopped in DC to see The Winter's Tale which was fun as our friends, Philip Goodwin and Ted van Griethuysen were in it. We stayed at the Hotel George and had dinner at the terrific Bistro Bis. Finally arrived home and I went off to record the new Baldacci in NYC. Then we headed upstate for Labor Day weekend. Summer went by fast. Hard to believe autumn is around the corner.

Enjoy the changing of the season.

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Molly and Ava

Sarah & Elora


Eilene & Logan

Eilene showing off

Henry & Elora

Caleb & Ava

McLartys dominate a fish restaurant

Logan and corn!

Me & Ava

Matt, Zach and all the kids except Logan

Becca’s pal, Becca, Marci, Eilene

Sunset at Holden Beach NC

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