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The Dropper is a haunting soliloquy to the harsh and sometimes brutal world our forebears left behind in pursuit of a dream called America. It is also an ode to the often heartrending decisions they were forced to make in leaving some family members—and some part of themselves—behind. And finally, as young Shoe Horn, the novel’s protagonist, grapples blindly with sex until arriving at the maturity to recognize love, it’s also a tender coming-of-age story.
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  The NewsWhistle Q&A: Actor and Author Ron McLarty

Hey everyone,

Well, it's just snow, snow and more snow down here in DC. The last batch came after we all thought spring had finally sprung but NO!

Had a visit from my youngest son, Matt for 2 days which was a lot of fun. We took in the Native American Museum on the Mall which is a terrific building and collection. And Kate and I took him out to 2 of our favorite restaurants in DC--Cava Mezze and Oyamel. Speaking of dinner we were also lucky enough to be invited out by the Baldaccis. Always a pleasure to spend time with them. David is a fortunate man in many respects and most of all in his wife, Michelle, who is a great gal.

Kate has been in tech for Part 1 of Henry IV and last Sunday night I got to see the invited final dress rehearsal. Quite an astounding show and looking forward to Part 2's dress rehearsal this coming Sunday. They have a great cast and it looks incredible--great sets and costumes. And as always, her director, Michael Kahn has put it together with intelligence and remarkable storytelling. here's hoping Spring is just around the corner,

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Ava and her friend, Batman (Henry)

Henry unmasked

Batman lives in La Quinta--who knew?

Sunset in DC

Kate as Mistress Quickly

Me amid our latest snow


Caleb with guitar

From The Pop of King:
“The best book you can't read”
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