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The Dropper is a haunting soliloquy to the harsh and sometimes brutal world our forebears left behind in pursuit of a dream called America. It is also an ode to the often heartrending decisions they were forced to make in leaving some family members—and some part of themselves—behind. And finally, as young Shoe Horn, the novel’s protagonist, grapples blindly with sex until arriving at the maturity to recognize love, it’s also a tender coming-of-age story.
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T h e   M e m o r y   o f   R u n n i n g

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Trailer for Bill Murray's St. Vincent

Hey everyone,

Well finally the hot weather has tracked us down! June and part of July were quite temperate, but now that hot humid weather we know so well has found us.

We had some guests upstate in July which was fun. First off, Jan & Bob who accompanied us on the Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Tour and then the following day we all went to the Rhinebeck Aerodrome to see the WWI planes air show. The following week we had our friends, Julia and Chris and Beckett for a visit. We did some fishing, swimming, hiking, blueberry picking and domino playing. And finally our friends, Kathy & Bill came with their dog, Fritz.

We went for a visit to Manitoga which is Russel Wright's house, studio and grounds near Garrison NY. It was spectacular.

We saw the Druid Theatre's History Cycle in NYC which we didn't care for at all and a few movies (Amy, Trainwreck, Infinitely Polar Bear) which liked.

Enjoy your summer and stay cool.

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Me, Kate, Jan & Bob in Hudson before Lighthouse Tour

Matt in his garden

Rhinebeck Aerodrome

WWI planes


Jan, me and Bob at Aerodrome

Olana garden

at the Phoenica Diner




Fritz in our garden

Kathy, Bill and me at Manitoga

Me in my writing room in NJ circa 2004

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